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Eric N. Lécuyer 

Solutions Architect

Competencies : Web Development, Business Solutions, IT Architecture,  Consulting, Design.

Technologies : Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Odoo, AWS, Linux.





About me

I'm a Solutions Architect who can design and code.

My professional journey brought me to implement high-end HR systems, develop a lot of custom solutions and advise companies of all sizes in the course of their technical projects.

My background in technology, digital marketing and recruitement allowed me to gain robust competencies in Web Development, UX Design, Talent Acquisition and Communications.

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We can help you with

Business Solutions Implementation

Supercharge your organization with powerful and affordable business applications.

Application and Website Development

Create remarkable platforms.

Data Export, Analysis and Visualization

Gain precious insights from your data.

Process Automation

Replace tedious manual operations with fully automated processes.

Systems Integrations

Connect your solutions to limit data entry and human error.

Technical Training

Learn to master your systems and tools.

Technology can be simple

Let's build awesome things!